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the proverbial mindfuck

so fucking post modern
30 November
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User Number: 6217524
Date Created:2005-02-21
Number of Posts: 2

Unnabridged is dreamer, slut, masochist, friend, foe, pseudonysm and clarity of self. She writes where no one reads, she sleeps where no one breathes, and plays where no one sees...
Strengths: Charisma when intoxicated. Able to bullshit her way through anything. Pocesses the subtle charm of manipulation over those drawn to her bizzarre thought patterns.
Weaknesses: Tendancy to be obsessive/neurotic. Severe lack of fashion sense. Addictive personality and known to dance at innapropriate social events.
Special Skills: Perception and compassion. Can also bend index finger is freakish way.
Weapons: Rusty switchblade and 300 blue mm's.
Hidden, archived, lost, in stasis from real world.:

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jen =
[x]fan of dysfunctional relationships
[x]powered by prozac
[x]pain junkie
[x]dead poet obsessional
[x]dyed black
[x]a dish best served hot and drugfucked

:wumpscut:, abrasive bitches, amelia, androdgyny, ani difranco, anti neo-goth, art, balloons, beatles, being a dyke, bois in vinyl, boots, borderline personality disorder, boy sets fire, caffinated beverage promiscuity, caffinated sex, caffine, caligraphy, cold coffee, concrete blondes, crystal method, d/s, dances with switchblades, daria, diet coke whoredom, diet pepsi, divination, doc martens, drawing, dresden dolls, emptymusings, erotica, ethical sluts, evil women, fetish, fishbowl perception, funker vogt, gary numan, genderbenders, hayley, hellfire, hellraiser, ian, ian sets more fires, icypoles, justine, killing hailey, kink, knife play, knives in evil hands, loonies, lust, mistress corsair, needlefuck, nettles, non-u, nowhere man, oniokay, oranges injected with vodka, painting, patricia piccinini, piglett, pink hats, preston, purple painted inner thighs, pustulio, pvc, rainbow icecream, reading, red riding hoods, sarah, seeing smurfs, sexual freedom, sinna deveigh, sinteque, sir shrek, skinny puppy, sonic youth, stella, sub-cultures, submission, subspace, switchblade symphony, tarot cards, the hanged man, the pocket oxford, thesaurus wars, tish, van gough, velvet, visions of her, vodka and diet coke, wes, white chocolate, winfield gold, writing